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Medication Management

There may come a time when working with a psychiatrist when medication becomes necessary.

Sometimes it starts when a psychologist or therapist suggests that a patient may benefit for the added support medication provides.

Other times your family physician may notice a change in your wellbeing and refer you to a psychiatrist, and others just feel off, so they seek out the services of behavioral health professionals – whatever the reason, individuals take medication to improve their quality of life.

However, if you are not feeling well or taking multiple medications, remembering to take the right medications at the right times can be difficult. If medications are not taken properly, quality of life does not improve, and in many cases, it declines.

Aside from knowing what medications should be taken and in what dosage, there are several factors a patient might not understand about his or her prescribed meds, including reactions to other medications, side effects, and other problems that can affect recovery.

Our healthcare providers will thoroughly address these issues, which they can do with a medication management plan.

Patients need to understand their medicines’ purpose, safety, and effectiveness, as well as potential risks from mixing meds with food or supplements.

Understanding why medications need to be taken at certain times and in certain ways will also be addressed by our providers.

Medication management is widely practiced and is a cornerstone in long term outpatient clinical care.

Our trained psychiatrists are well trained in the use of medications and their interactions with other medication.

If you are looking to begin your journey into stabilizing your mental health, or if you are already taking medication and you are looking to connect with a new provider, we can help.

Other Medical and Wellness Services

We have other physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners on site who offer an array of other medical services to complement your health journey.

We encourage you to take advantage of these services to maintain, or accelerate, your well-being or inquire about how our other services can better support your wellness journey

  • Individual Counseling / Therapy

  • Family Counseling / Therapy

  • Pastoral Counseling

  • Community Support

  • Group Training/Counseling


See what people are saying about us

J. McIntosh, Stone Mountain, Ga.

"I was one of the first residents to move and receive housing through Magnolia Integrated Health. I was transitioning out of a treatment facility for chemical dependency. From the beginning, I knew that I had to set the tone of our community with determination, a cheerful and thankful heart. I also knew how important my ability to support myself financially and to feel productive would be to my success in sobriety. I stuck it out, and was hired by Whole Foods, with promotional opportunities with the company in the future."

Kelly W., Lilburn, Ga.

"It's nice to leave work and have a place to go home to." Jay and Cathy lived and worked at a motel until a change in ownership left them unemployed and homeless. Although they eventually found new jobs, they were unable to afford shelter. Magnolia Integrated Health, Inc. assisted them in renting their first apartment in many years.

S. Carpenter, Atlanta, Ga.

“Magnolia Integrated Health was extremely helpful! I gained a lot of helpful information, knowledge and skills! Everyone was very understanding and supportive of me right where I was at - physically, spiritually, and emotionally.”

Barbara-Parent, Lithonia, Ga.

Magnolia Integrated Health really speaks to the children where they are. You might expect a child to feel negatively singled out when they attend special group sessions. However, in this case, the singling out is positive. My child looks forward to attending the group and is seriously disappointed when a session has to be missed.

Tim & Janet-Parents, Decatur, Ga.

“We were so thankful to Magnolia Integrated Health, Inc. Over the past 3 years, we had seen five other counselors/psychologists with our son, but in the last 10 months our son gained skills to cope. The ADHD/Social Skills group helped our son realize that he was not alone. The parenting skills group helped us know how to anticipate problems and equipped us to handle them. Thank you! – Your agency is an answer to prayer.

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