This Faith-Based Approach To Behavioral Health Integrates the wisdom of religious understanding with the insights of Psychology

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Pastoral Counseling

People might choose pastoral counseling when faced with the following challenges:

  • Want to approach mental health issues from a faith-based perspective
  • Are not comfortable in a formal counseling setting
  • Are facing end-of-life issues
  • Have concerns that secular counselors will not validate their religious beliefs
  • Crisis of faith

A Brief explanation of Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Care Therapy presents a unique alternative to behavioral health recovery practice and concepts of healthcare reform.

Understanding the spiritual value of Pastoral Care and how the role interacts with mental and behavioral health, (while taking in consideration the National Consensus Statement on Mental Health Recovery) presents a unique approach for individual wellness and recovery.

This faith-based approach to behavioral health integrates the wisdom of religious understanding with the insights of psychology.

It is dedicated to the healing of mind, spirit, and human relationships through spiritual values and psychological knowledge.

More emphasis today is being placed on Pastoral Counseling that involves partnering and helping individuals identify/create support or outcome- based programs that promote recovery, healing, and wellness.

Who Provides Pastoral Services and what type of services are provided?

Pastoral Care services are provided by a pastor or trained Pastoral Care specialist who offers not only pastoral counseling as a form of care, but a long list of faith-based supportive community-based programs.

These programs are designed to provide short and long- term support for individuals needing to be seen on a regular and continuing basis or for ongoing recovery care needs to include quality improvement monitoring, counseling, independent living programs, and case management services.

This is a faith-health system of care that provides adequate support to trauma survivors, substance users, and those who have mental health conditions within the faith-based community, among other issues.

This is a loving way of caring for people rather than controlling them.


See what people are saying about us

J. McIntosh, Stone Mountain, Ga.

"I was one of the first residents to move and receive housing through Magnolia Integrated Health. I was transitioning out of a treatment facility for chemical dependency. From the beginning, I knew that I had to set the tone of our community with determination, a cheerful and thankful heart. I also knew how important my ability to support myself financially and to feel productive would be to my success in sobriety. I stuck it out, and was hired by Whole Foods, with promotional opportunities with the company in the future."

Kelly W., Lilburn, Ga.

"It's nice to leave work and have a place to go home to." Jay and Cathy lived and worked at a motel until a change in ownership left them unemployed and homeless. Although they eventually found new jobs, they were unable to afford shelter. Magnolia Integrated Health, Inc. assisted them in renting their first apartment in many years.

S. Carpenter, Atlanta, Ga.

“Magnolia Integrated Health was extremely helpful! I gained a lot of helpful information, knowledge and skills! Everyone was very understanding and supportive of me right where I was at - physically, spiritually, and emotionally.”

Barbara-Parent, Lithonia, Ga.

Magnolia Integrated Health really speaks to the children where they are. You might expect a child to feel negatively singled out when they attend special group sessions. However, in this case, the singling out is positive. My child looks forward to attending the group and is seriously disappointed when a session has to be missed.

Tim & Janet-Parents, Decatur, Ga.

“We were so thankful to Magnolia Integrated Health, Inc. Over the past 3 years, we had seen five other counselors/psychologists with our son, but in the last 10 months our son gained skills to cope. The ADHD/Social Skills group helped our son realize that he was not alone. The parenting skills group helped us know how to anticipate problems and equipped us to handle them. Thank you! – Your agency is an answer to prayer.

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