Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

To serve the welfare of children and their families within a researched based therapeutic framework. Magnolia Behavioral Health, Inc. is committed to providing the guidance, structure and services needed by every individual under its supervision. We promote the healing and recovery of each individual toward reforming his/her behavior and making responsible decisions according to the principles of balanced and restorative justice.

Magnolia Behavioral Health, Inc. operates under the following objectives:

  • to pursue a treatment/rehabilitation philosophy that dictates the individualized assessment and tailored services received to meet that individual’s needs.
  • to establish strong relationships with families in an effort to make their court involvement an opportunity for change and growth.
  • to develop interventions to meet the needs of each individual.
  • to respond effectively to the increasingly complex needs of each individual.
  • to instill in every individual a sense of responsibility for their actions and a belief in their own innate value and potential through a combination of individualized attention and community networking.


To be regarded as a trusted and valuable resource for innovative, accessible and responsive therapeutic services.


We believe in adherence to the highest standards of conduct and the conviction to do what is legally and morally right.


We are committed to providing excellent therapeutic family services. We will continually review our business processes based on needs of families and establish measures by which we will monitor our effectiveness.


We are committed to finding new and creative ways to serve our families. We will apply progressive thinking to our systems, processes and services.

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