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Who we are

MBH, Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit Faith Based Organization (FBO) based in Atlanta, Georgia that provides integrated supportive housing and behavioral health care services to, children, adolescents and families. Our organization has some of the most qualified and truly genuine professionals in the industry, with over 50 years of combined history of professional expertise. MBH has enjoyed the continuity of transforming lives, through our holistic approach to consumers.

MBH is committed to building partnerships with agencies such as DFACS, the Judicial System, Veterans Administration, Local School Boards, community based organizations, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Housing and Community Development Agencies and other related  organizations to develop a System of Care that meets the needs of children, adolescents and families. We strongly believe that every human being on this earth deserves a roof over his head vis-à-vis “A home is a necessity and not a luxury”. This will enable them to live in a stable family environment in order to overcome challenges and barriers of society, thereby empowering them to become self-sufficient adults. It is also our belief that adolescents need to be familiar with and receive basic human needs in life, as well as community support which will give them the incentive to always strive for excellence in all of their endeavors. Services can be provided to our consumers in their homes, their community, in clinic and various accessible community settings.

Children, adolescents as well as adults are an integral component of building healthy communities and therefore, we are dedicated to providing quality service delivery.

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Community Partnerships

Some of our partnerships includes:

• Child and family welfare
• The judicial system
• Schools and child care systems
• Religious organizations
• Recreational and leisure organizations to develop a System of Care that meets the needs of children, adolescents and families.


Latest News

New website launched
February 22, 2011

Approval for 501 (c)(3)

DeKalb County Collaborative Forum on Homeless (July 22)